Lydia Capasso

The Kraft Heinz Company | The Netherlands

"Bamboo Brands has supported us in testing on-shelf two concepts using an agile approach. They have truly gone above and beyond to test the product successfully."

Vincent van Meurs

Cloetta | The Netherlands
''It all comes down to perfect execution when you conduct such an in-store Validation Assessment in 20 stores. We are very positive about how Bamboo Brands has managed this.''

Esmee Roovers

Hero I The Netherlands & Belgium

"Bamboo Brands helped us with testing a new baby nutrition concept in the Netherlands and Belgium. The dashboard they made available was clear and if we had additional questions about the data, they proactively addressed this.”

Vinay Dharampal

Royal Smilde | The Netherlands

“Bamboo Brands conducted an in-store Discovery Assessment to test two concepts in two different categories. The results were quite surprising and very helpful for an internal follow-up.”

Audrey Jackson-Pownall

Friesland Campina | France
''Bamboo Brands did a great job in managing a complex project, were very flexible & did adapt to many changes & challenges that came our way. We could successfully run the test & get many valuable learnings.''

Kristel Peters

Stegeman | The Netherlands

“In order to optimize our current product packaging and to better match the needs of the customer, Bamboo Brands carried out a packaging study for us. We are satisfied with the insights from the research and appreciated the short lines of communication and the pleasant contact during the collaboration.''

Marius Tan

The Kraft Heinz Company | The Netherlands
“Bamboo brands performed a Concept Validation test for us on two very innovative products. As a result, we quickly gained solid insights that helped us further."

Huub Klijs

Cloetta | The Netherlands
''Bamboo Brands was able to conduct an in-store Design Discovery Assessment within a few days to test a new packaging design among the category users.''

Fransesco Meshieri

The Kraft Heinz Company | Italy
"Bamboo Brands has executed a Design Discovery Assessment for Kraft Heinz Italy. One of the things that I valued most about the collaboration with Bamboo Brands was the willingness to understand our needs and the willingness to define a customized approach to our case.''

Carine van der Staaij

Friesland Campina | Duitsland
''We are very excited about the collaboration with Bamboo Brands; they are flexible, reliable and proactive. You can see that the team is on top of it, and that gives us peace of mind. ”

Simone Pieters

The Kraft Heinz Company | Italy
"Bamboo Brands carried out an in-store Design Discovery Assessment for us in Italy for a new packaging. We look back on a pleasant collaboration."

Fu Ying Chi

Lassie | The Netherlands

“Bamboo Brands has carried out a Price Validation Assessment for us. The research has shown us, among other things, to what point we have to discount. In addition, it has given us important insights to enter into the strategic discussion internally and to take it a step further.”

Richard Duplock

Friesland Campina | Germany
''The approach used by Bamboo Brands allowed us to test and validate using real-life live data – instead of a more theoretical claimed shopper study. Thanks to the efforts by Bamboo Brands, we are able to use the real-life test data and now move into implementation and scale-up.”

Dominique van Bree

Frio Food | The Netherlands

''Thanks to their knowledge and skills, they put our research questions into a clear research plan and conducted thorough research. We are very satisfied with the research results. Also, we are happy with the communication and the amount of flexibility. Bamboo Brands set up and executed everything we asked for in a very short period of time. Excellent!”

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