How real-life test data helps FrieslandCampina to innovate more effectively

How real-life test data helps FrieslandCampina to innovate more effectively

For FrieslandCampina, Bamboo Brands has conducted various extensive in-store assessments to assess an opportunity for Chocomel at one of their retail partners. Richard Duplock, International Marketing & Innovation at FrieslandCampina, reflects on a valuable project.

Richard Duplock explains: “We appointed Bamboo Brands to assess an opportunity for CHOCOMEL in one of our retail partners. The team at Bamboo took the project from concept stage, managed extensive in-store testing and delivered the project evaluation and recommendations. The approach used by Bamboo Brands allowed us to test and validate using real-life live data – instead of a more theoretical claimed shopper study. Bamboo Brands was able to overcome significant challenges posed by COVID-19 and safeguarded the continuity of the project – testament to their retailer relationships. Thanks to the efforts by Bamboo Brands, we are able to use the real-life test data and now move into implementation and scale-up."

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