Versatile Discovery Assessment for FrieslandCampina

Versatile Discovery Assessment for FrieslandCampina

For various product innovations, FrieslandCampina asked us to conduct a multifaceted qualitative study. Through a Discovery Assessment we provided insights into packaging, product and location on the shelf.

We worked closely with Carine van der Staaij, Key Account Manager at FrieslandCampina, on this project. She is pleased with our collaboration:

“Bamboo Brands helped us with the qualitative testing of some of our product innovations. This has brought us many new insights into packaging, product and shelf space. We are currently processing these points in order to be able to start a quantitative study soon; where we hope to be able to build a good business case with the results.

We are very excited about the collaboration with Bamboo Brands; they are flexible, reliable and proactive. You can see that the team is on top of it, and that gives us peace of mind.  ”

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