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Testimonials Discovery Assessments
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Case: Bamboo Brands confirms potential of BOON food concept

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Bamboo Brands has examined the potential of the revolutionary canned concept by BOON for Jamael Food Group. The research revealed a ‘go’ for this innovation! The BOON concept is now available on the shelves of retail stores in the Netherlands. Read the experience of Rocus Troost, Commercial Director at Jamael Food Group.

Real-life testing environment

For this research project, Bamboo Brands conducted a Discovery Assessment. Rocus Troost explains why this method was chosen.

"I don't believe in standard market research where consumers fill out surveys at home. Bamboo Brands tests in a real-life environment, namely at the store shelf. This way, you can reach relevant shoppers who are in the right need state, which provides much more reliable insights."

Key questions

Together with Jamael Food Group, Bamboo Brands developed a customized research set up. These were the key questions:

  1. What are the spontaneous reactions of consumers to the concept?
  2. To what extent is the BOON concept distinctive?
  3. Which packaging claims resonate with the target audience?
  4. What are the triggers and barriers of a cardboard packaging?
  5. What is the purchase intention of shoppers?

Research methodology

Subsequently, Bamboo Brands assisted Jamael Food Group with the store selection and the distribution of dummy packaging. Over 500 shoppers were interviewed in 4 days. They were observed and approached at the shelf.

Rocus Troost shares his experience:

"The way Bamboo Brands works is extremely pleasant. They took care of everything. During the interview days, I visited the test stores. I am impressed by the professionalism of the market researchers and the quality of the interviews. The great thing about this method is that you can truly observe shoppers at the shelf."

Facts confirm gut feeling

The concept of BOON significantly disrupts the traditional canned food aisle with vibrant colors and a cardboard packaging instead of jars or cans. The test shows that consumers react positively to the concept. They also provide valuable feedback on the application of various packaging claims.

Rocus Troost explains:

"Thanks to Bamboo Brands' research, my gut feeling has been confirmed with factual evidence. You can believe in a concept yourself, but it's the consumer who determines its success. The research also revealed that the purchase intention was even higher than expected. The insights have helped us internally to take the next step in the innovation process."

BOON on the shelves

This spring, the BOON concept appeared on the shelves of retail stores in the Netherlands. We congratulate Rocus Troost and his colleagues at Jamael Food Group on this revolutionary innovation in the canned food aisle! For more information about the concept, visit

More Information

The research results belong to our client. If you would like to learn more about our methods, please visit the Discovery Assessments and Validation Assessments pages. For inquiries, please contact Chantal Risseeuw-Boer, Chief Commercial Officer, at

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