Case: in-store research for Tetra Pak in Norway

Case: in-store research for Tetra Pak in Norway

How do consumers in Norway respond to a new packaging concept in the pet food category? Bamboo Brands conducted an in-store research to answer this question for Tetra Pak. Anna Larsson, Business Insights Leader at Tetra Pak, shares insights about the collaboration.

For this research, Bamboo Brands conducted a Discovery Assessment (in-store interviews) and an In-Home User Assessment. The target audience consisted of pet owners with specific purchasing behavior, necessitating careful respondent selection.

The following research questions were at the forefront:

  • What motivates consumers to pick up or not pick up the product from the shelf?
  • How do consumers experience the first and second 'moments of truth'? 
  • How does the value proposition of this concept differentiate itself from other concepts?
  • What do consumers think about the design, and price?
  • How user-friendly is the packaging concept?

Research design

Bamboo Brands interviewed 167 consumers at various retail outlets in Norway. By approaching consumers on the store floor, specific respondents could be chosen. Additionally, consumers in the stores were given a product sample to take home for testing (in-home test). They were subsequently contacted by phone to share their experiences. A total of 294 respondents participated in the in-home test.

Insights into 'moments of truth'

Anna Larsson is enthusiastic about the research method employed by Bamboo Brands.

"In-store research is a complex domain, and there aren't many research agencies offering this service. What appeals to me about Bamboo Brands' method is that they can provide insights into both the supermarket orientation phase (first moment of truth) and home use (second moment of truth) in a single study."

Clear analysis, actionable insights

The combination of a Discovery Assessment (in-store interviews) and an In-Home User Assessment provided a comprehensive view of the concept's potential. Tetra Pak gained insights that can help enhance the overall packaging concept and elevate the user experience.

Anna Larsson emphasizes the practical usability of these insights.

"Bamboo Brands delivered the insights to us clearly and visually, making it easy for us to share with other stakeholders and plan our next steps.”

Learn more

The results of this study belong to our client. Read more about the Discovery Assessment and the In-Home User Assessment on our website, or discover other testimonials here. Are you also interested in innovating better, faster, and more sustainably? Are you curious about what Bamboo Brands can offer you? Please contact Theo Toering at

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