“Bamboo Brands conducted an in-store Discovery Assessment to test two concepts in two different categories. We have enjoyed working with Bamboo Brands. The team mastered this project quickly and decisively. Also, they show flexibility when plans changed and when we overlooked something. Although we didn’t make an agreement about the N, the researchers continued interviewing till the end. This resulted in a gigantic population! And above all, the results were quite surprising and very helpful for an internal follow-up.”

Vinay Dharampal
Royal Smilde

"Bamboo Brands has supported us in testing on-shelf two concepts using an agile approach. The overall ambition of the test was to evaluate real-life consumer buying behavior, to then understand product shelf-worthiness and ROS. The approach used by Bamboo Brands has helped in the validation of our assumptions, providing valuable data points for sell-in purposes, and ultimately understanding the potential of our concepts. A special mention to the level of support we received from the team: the flexibility, collaboration and willingness to help has made Bamboo Brands a key partner. They have truly gone above and beyond to test the product successfully."

Lydia Capasso
Brand Manager International
The Kraft Heinz Company

“Bamboo Brands has helped us optimize the Red Band range. With an in-store assessment and an A/B test, we have obtained the right insights to be able to make the right decision for our product range.

It all comes down to perfect execution when you conduct such an in-store Validation Assessment in 20 stores. We are very positive about how Bamboo Brands has managed this. They were constantly taking initiative and had close contact with the retailers. This resulted in a lot of support. The weekly updates and the ability to switch quickly (for example when a promotional offer came in between) were much appreciated.

All in all, they were very involved in this assessment from start to finish. This has certainly helped us to get reliable, robust results and to convincingly translate them internally.”

Vincent van Meurs
Insights & Net Revenue Manager

“We appointed Bamboo brands to design and manage an instore test for our French business. The objectives of this test were to validate the potential of our new concept/new brand in ‘real life’, place in store, place on shelf, price points and concept positioning. Bamboo Brands did a great job in managing a complex project, were very flexible & did adapt to many changes & challenges that came our way and we could successfully run the test & get many valuable learnings. I can also praise their commitment, positive mindset & problem solving capabilities; It felt like we were one team during that time. The instore test results proved to be a key asset to sell our story to the retailer and get listings afterwards.”

Audrey Jackson-Pownall – Marketing Manager Friesland Campina
Marketing Manager
Friesland Campina

“In order to optimize our current product packaging and to better match the needs of the customer, Bamboo Brands carried out a packaging study for us. We are satisfied with the insights from the research and appreciated the short lines of communication and the pleasant contact during the collaboration. They did what we agreed and even that little bit more. ”

Kristel Peters – Brand Manager Stegeman     
Brand Manager

“Bamboo brands performed a Concept Validation test for us on two very innovative products. Our aim was to succeed or fail quickly in order to know if it would be worth investing more resources. Bamboo delivered just that. What I appreciated most is the speed and cooperation throughout the process. At first not everything went according to plan in some stores, which is exactly why you want to test things in real-life, but they acknowledged and fixed the issue immediately resulting in solid learnings.”

Marius Tan
Commercial Category Lead
The Kraft Heinz Company

“After a wonderful kick-off, in which our hypotheses and expectations were discussed, Bamboo Brands was able to conduct an in-store Design Discovery Assessment within a few days to test a new packaging design among the category users. Immediately after the survey, we already received the topline results. A few days later, they gave a presentation in which we went through the insights in detail. Bamboo Brands' research provided a nice deepening of our online research. The results have therefore helped us to further refine the packaging design and to take the next step towards the roll-out of the innovation. We look back with satisfaction: a fast turnaround time, a lot of flexibility and very pleasant communication.”

Huub Klijs - Customer Marketing Manager l Cloetta
Customer Marketing Manager

“Bamboo Brands helped us with the qualitative testing of some of our product innovations. This has brought us many new insights into packaging, product and shelf space. We are currently processing these points in order to be able to start a quantitative study soon; where we hope to be able to build a good business case with the results.

We are very excited about the collaboration with Bamboo Brands; they are flexible, reliable and proactive. You can see that the team is on top of it, and that gives us peace of mind.  ”

Carine van der Staaij
Marketing & Innovation Manager
Friesland Campina

"Bamboo Brands has executed a Design Discovery Assessment for Kraft Heinz Italy. We are very happy with the results and the collaboration. One of the things that I valued most about the collaboration with Bamboo Brands was the willingness to understand our needs and the willingness to define a customized approach to our case. Throughout the process there was no judgement, no pushing, but only working till the right approach was found. The team at Bamboo Brands was transparant, flexible and execution driven which helped us to meet the internal requirements and deadlines at Kraft Heinz.

When the results were presented Bamboo Brands was able to help us to focus on the things that mattered most. Overall, our experience with Bamboo Brands was very positive and it helped us a lot to get rid of some doubts that we had. When you change so drastically, this type of research can give you the confidence that you need!"

Francesco Meschieri
Head of Marketing Italy
The Kraft Heinz Company

“Bamboo Brands has carried out a price validation study (Price Validation Assessment) for us. This has been a useful study for us, in which they have provided us with important insights. The research has shown us, among other things, to what point we have to discount. In addition, it has given us important insights to enter into the strategic discussion internally and to take it a step further.”

Fu Ying Chi
Trade Marketing Manager Ebro Foods

“We appointed Bamboo Brands to assess an opportunity for CHOCOMEL in one of our retail partners. The team at Bamboo took the project from concept stage, managed extensive in-store testing and delivered the project evaluation and recommendations. The approach used by Bamboo Brands allowed us to test and validate using real-life live data – instead of a more theoretical claimed shopper study. Bamboo Brands was able to overcome significant challenges posed by COVID-19 and safeguarded the continuity of the project – testament to their retailer relationships. Thanks to the efforts by Bamboo Brands, we are able to use the real-life test data and now move into implementation and scale-up.”

Richard Duplock – International Marketing & Innovation Manager Friesland Campina
International Marketing & Innovation Manager
Friesland Campina

“Bamboo Brands has helped us with an in-store Discovery Assessment to test a new retail concept. We had very pleasant cooperation with the Bamboo Brands team. Thanks to their knowledge and skills, they put our research questions into a clear research plan and conducted thorough research. We are very satisfied with the research results. Also, we are happy with the communication and the amount of flexibility. Bamboo Brands set up and executed everything we asked for in a very short period of time. Excellent!”

Dominique van Bree
Brand Manager
Frio Food