Price Validation Assessment  

Find the best price for your (new) product

Pricing remains a difficult subject for many FMCG producers. How much is the consumer willing to pay and what choices is the competition making? With our pricing research, you can determine the best price using consumer research. Discover more about this unique method. 

How does it work?

During a Price Validation Assessment, we will place your price adjusted product in an aisle of your choice at a pretermined amount of retailers. This research method usually takes around 7 weeks. Our market researchers visit the test stores weekly to retrieve the rotation numbers, including the numbers of competing products. After 7 weeks we validate the stated hypotheses and give you additional advice.

Bamboo Brands market research


  • Guarantee reliable and valid data
  • Guarantee of excellent execution, also internationally
  • Clear reports and visualisations
  • Access to national industry data via IRI Netherlands
  • Bamboo Brands has its own logistics (ambient/chilled/frozen)

Research in different EU-countries simultaneously also possible

Bamboo Brands has its own European logistics (ambient/chilled/frozen)

Research carried out by experienced market researchers

Combine this research with: 

Concept Discovery Assessment

A Concept Discovery Assessment tests if your concept resonates with consumers

Category Discovery Assessment

A Category Discovery Assessment gives you in-depth consumer insights on a categoric level


Vincent van Meurs 

Cloetta l The Netherlands

''It all comes down to perfect execution when you conduct such an in-store Validation Assessment in 20 stores. We are very positive about how Bamboo Brands has managed this.''

FuYing Chi

Lassie l The Netherlands

“Bamboo Brands has carried out a Price Validation Assessment for us. The research has shown us, among other things, to what point we have to discount. In addition, it has given us important insights to enter into the strategic discussion internally and to take it a step further.”

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