Portfolio Discovery Assessment  

Elevate your portfolio to a higher level

Optimise your portfolio and discover the chance of success for an adaptation using qualitative insights. A Portfolio Discovery Assessment answers questions regarding your portfolio. You will also receive additional advice for your portfolio vision.

How does it work?

During a Portfolio Discovery Assessment, our market researchers talk to your target groups in the supermarket. This way, you will receive the highest amount of empirical insights. A portfolio assessment answers the following questions: 

  • Which portfolio assortment is preferred by my target group? 

  • What's the potential of a modified assortment in a European country? 

  • What are the needs of the consumer regarding my assortment?  

These insights are representative and can be used to substantiate your business case and improve the decision making process regarding innovations. 

Advantages Portfolio Discovery Assessment

  • Carried out by trained market researchers 

  • Assistance with creating prototypes / visual aids 

  • Excellent execution guaranteed, also internationally 

  • Clear reports and visualisations 

  • Bamboo Brands uses its own logistiscs (ambient/chilled/frozen) 

Research in different EU-countries simultaneously also possible

Bamboo Brands has its own European logistics (ambient/chilled/frozen)

Research carried out by experienced market researchers

Combine this research with: 

Category Discovery Assessment

A Category Discovery Assessmen gives you in depth shopper insights on a categoric level

Portfolio Validation Assessment

A Portfolio Validation Assessment helps you discover the potential of a modified portfolio.


Huub Klijs Cloetta | The Netherlands
''Bamboo Brands was able to conduct an in-store Design Discovery Assessment within a few days to test a new packaging design among the category users.''

Simone Pieters The Kraft Heinz Company | Italy

"Bamboo Brands carried out an in-store Design Discovery Assessment for us in Italy for a new packaging. We look back on a pleasant collaboration."

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