Category Validation Assessment

Examples of relevant Category Validation Assessment questions:

  • Do you want to support the translation of your category vision at retailers with facts?
  • Do you want to substantiate which shelf layout performs better 'Better for you' concepts together or by brand?
  • Make a well-founded decision whether 0.0 Radler Beer in a Can should be placed under soft drinks or under beer?
  • A Shelf Battle: Consumer Decision Tree or Presentation Decision Tree?

With category assessment we take a closer look at the category for you. Based on your challenges.

Our research always takes place in-store. This way, we gain insight into consumer behaviour rather than opinions. With this type of research, we place the innovation on the relevant shelf at various supermarkets and - depending on the objective of the research - test consumer behaviour. Our research experts then analyse the data and uses it to validate the hypotheses set. A category assessment takes on average about 7 weeks, from the kick-off of the project to the final presentation of the results.


Package contents:

  • Onboarding through hypothesis setting session
  • Plan of action to validate hypotheses
  • Retailer and region selection
  • Live dashboard of performance and objective
  • Isolation of realized data points
  • Project management/Logistics

What are the benefits?

The results of the study provide clear, representative results with sufficient factual substantiation for important commercial decision-making.

Assessment can be combined with:

  • Category Discovery Assessment - Category /Qualitative shopper research.
  • Concept Discovery Assessment - Concept deep dive if consumer understands the concept.
  • Assessment also possible (simultaneously) in other EU countries.

We have a lot of experience in solving category vision issues. Want to know more? Click on the case below, or contact us!

Need help determining the category vision? Hypotheses are validated or rejected by means of quantitative research in the supermarket. In this case, a previously conducted study is highlighted. View case
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