Portfolio Assessment

Portfolio Validation Assessment

Examples of relevant Portfolio Validation Assessment questions:

  • Do you want to know if your portfolio is suitable for a sizing game (strongest items L / XL packaging and delisted bottom?)
  • Do you want to know what your business case looks like if you adjust the entire range in grammage?
  • Do you want to know whether you should make your portfolio more retail-specific?

We test the shelf worthiness of your concept during a portfolio assessment.

Our investigations always take place in-store. This way we gain insight into solely consumer behaviour instead of opinions. With this form of research, we place the innovation on the relevant shelf at selected supermarkets and - depending on the objective of the research - we test the shelf worthiness of the concept. Our research experts then analyse the data and uses it to validate the hypotheses set. A portfolio assessment takes on average about 7 weeks, from kick-off of the project to the final presentation where the results are presented.

Portfolio Assessment

Package contents:

  • Onboarding through hypothesis setting session.
  • Plan of action to validate hypotheses.
  • Retail and region selection.
  • Live dashboard of performance and objective.
  • Isolation of realized data points.
  • Project management / Logistics.
  • Final presentation with clear conclusions and recommendations.

What are the benefits?

The results of the research provide clear, representative results with sufficient factual substantiation for important commercial decision-making to determine whether the portfolio scenario has potential.

Assessment can be combined with:

  • Concept Validation Assessment - new concept.
  • Category Discovery Assessment - shopper study.
  • Assessment also possible (simultaneously) in other EU countries.

We have a lot of experience in solving portfolio vision issues. Want to know more? Click on the case below, or contact us!

Determine the success rate for an introduction of a new range? In-store research, both qualitative and quantitative. In this case, a previously conducted study is highlighted. View case
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