The benefits of physical shelf research
13 april 2023 
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The benefits of physical shelf research

What is the best shelf position for your FMCG product? With physical shelf research, you get insights into your target group, shopper behavior and competitors on the shelf. You can also test different shelf positions in real-life. 

What does shelf research entail?

With physical shelf research, you can accurately investigate the ideal position for your product on the shelf. You can use shelf research for either an existing product or a new innovation.

 The benefits of shelf research

  • Carefully selected respondents (on the shop floor)
  • Truthful insights thanks to real-life testing environment
  • Insight into the performance of competing products

Qualitative shelf research

Our Shelf Discovery Assessment is a qualitative research in which our market researchers interview consumers about your product. In the interview, we address questions such as:

  • On which self would you expect to find this product?
  • Did product x catch your eye on the shelf?

The interviews take place on the shop floor, nearby the relevant shelf. We approach and select respondents based on their shopping behavior in a specific category. Thanks to this real-life testing environment, truthful insights and attitudes come to light.

Quantitative shelf research

In a Shelf Validation Assessment we place your product on the store shelf for a number of weeks at a number of retailers. Consumers can buy your product just like any other product. With this quantitative research method, it is possible to test different shelf positions at the same time. Using rotation rates, you can find out what the best position for your product is compared to the performance of competitors.

Measure the effect of nudges

You can also use shelf research to measure the effect of nudges on and around the store shelf. For example, what is the effect if you place your product next to another competing product? And what is the effect of shelf communication or pop-up displays? With a Shelf Validation Assessment (quantitative) you can make this measurable.

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