Sustainability at Bamboo Brands
07 maart 2023 
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Sustainability at Bamboo Brands

With our tools and methods, we help FMCG companies to innovate better, faster, and more sustainable. We also undertake initiatives to increase our sustainable impact as a company. Discover more about our view on sustainability. 

Sustainability is our drive

The common purpose of our company is all about sustainability. After all, Bamboo Brands was founded to fight against the fact that 8 out of 10 innovations in FMCG fail. This is a waste of talent, money, and resources and leads to packaging and food waste. The impact of innovation on food waste is enormous. 9% of all food waste comes from manufacturers’ innovations. 

If we zoom into the way FMCG companies innovate, we often see that their innovation process is not sustainable at all. Realizing that 8 out of 10 innovations fail, something definitely goes wrong. Our drive is to help companies innovate more sustainably. 

Sustainable impact for our clients

With our help, FMCG companies realize a more sustainable innovation process. We do this by giving them insight into the potential of innovations at an early stage. In this way, FMCG companies no longer launch innovations that are not successful. This saves time, money, and resources and eliminates food and packaging waste. An estimated total amount of €46.7 has been saved for our clients over the past 4 years! 

Cooperation with Stichting Voedselbanken

Let’s now explain how we make our own processes more sustainable. When we conduct a quantitative study (Validation Assessment) for our clients, we place the product or MVP on the shop shelf for a number of weeks. After the test is finished, leftover products will be donated to the food bank foundation. We are a partner of Stichting Voedselbanken in Den Bosch since 2019. 

Partnership with HAS green academy

Another important partner for us in terms of sustainability is HAS green academy. Together with the research department Design Methods in Food, we are now creating a Consumer Behaviour Lab.

With the Consumer Behaviour Lab, we want to contribute to a more sustainable world. Together we strive for more successful innovations and less waste of food and resources. Among other things, the Consumer Behaviour Lab provides and develops reliable research methods and educates students to apply these methods to help start-ups and scale-ups with their food innovation challenges. Read more about this collaboration.

Contributing to a greater goal

Together with our partners and clients, we aim to contribute to a larger goal, namely ‘Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns’ (Sustainable Development Goal 12). We realize that there are still many gains to be made. Therefore, we are always open to ideas to increase our impact. 

More information

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