Bamboo Brands & HAS green academy create Consumer Behaviour Lab
18 september 2022 
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Bamboo Brands & HAS green academy create Consumer Behaviour Lab

We’ve got news! Together with the HAS green academy (research group Design Methods in Food), we are going to develop a Consumer Behaviour Lab. This lab focuses on the development of reliable research methods to help students and professionals create healthy and sustainable food concepts.

Why a Consumer Behaviour Lab?

In the field of healthy and sustainable food innovation, design decisions are often based on consumer opinions, which has little predictive value for the success rate.

The research group Design Methods in Food of the HAS green academy is therefore looking for solutions that focus on the analysis of consumer behaviour and creating food concepts that support consumers to make better food choices.

Proud of this partnership

We are proud that HAS green academy has found a partner in us. We help FMCG brands make faster and better choices so that they can innovate successfully. With in-store market assessments, we test innovations on the shelf, even before these products are on the market. It’s always based on consumer behaviour (not on opinions).

Future food innovators

Theo Toering, Managing Director of Bamboo Brands: “We are looking forward to helping students develop reliable research methods and improve their skills. Students are the food innovators of the future. Bamboo Brands would like to contribute to a more sustainable and healthy world. We will also participate in other research projects of the research group.”

More information

Want to know more about the Consumer Behaviour Lab or the partnership with HAS green academy? Please contact Theo Toering at

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