Look back on Insights Training: “An effective tool to improve team synergy”
21 september 2022 
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Look back on Insights Training: “An effective tool to improve team synergy”

To build synergy in our fast-growing team, we followed an Insights Discovery Training by trainer Rob van Vroenhoven. This provides us with insights into our unique character traits and how to use this to achieve effective teamwork. In this blog, we look back on this insightful training!

An Insights Discovery Training helps teams to better understand each other and make the most of the relationships that affect them in the workplace. Eventually, it will also lead to better teamwork and services. Our Insights Discovery Trainer was Rob van Vroenhoven. Rob has extensive experience In managing and training business teams.

Time for reflection

Prior to the training, we filled in an individual questionnaire. Based on this, an extensive personal profile for every colleague was created. Before we got insights into our personal profiles, we worked on various assignments.

With the use of red, yellow, blue and green cards, we assigned character traits and qualities to each other. A few minutes later we reflected on this. What’s your image of colleague x or y and to what extent is that accurate?

Better teamwork, better service

Next, we discussed our roles in different work situations. What is your behavioral style and role in a specific situation? Based on the 4 different colors, we each determined our position in the circle. Also, we learned to recognize behavioral styles using case videos.

Then it was time to read our personal Insights profile. Most of the colleagues were amazed by the spot-on analysis! We shared our experiences and discussed how we can use these insights to achieve team synergy and serve our clients even better.


Our team members are looking back on an inspiring, valuable training day. Juliette: “I was surprised by the fact that just a test can help you to get a better understanding of your personality and behavior. I have also learned how to be more considerate of others. A great way to get to know each other and to build team spirit.”

Michelle: “I must admit that I was a little skeptical about this training because I thought that I was aware of my personality and behavior. However, this training is not only about getting a better understanding of yourself. It has also helped me to accept that I’m not able to ‘be’ everything. I also learned to better adapt my communication style to different team members and clients.”

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