Get to know Bente

Today, we introduce Bente van Santvoort. In the role of Research Expert, she strengthens Bamboo Brands. We look forward to collaborating with Bente to assist more FMCG companies in successfully innovating.

Get to know Bente

What drew you to Bamboo Brands?

"What particularly attracts me is the continuous innovation in the FMCG sector. Unfortunately, the majority of innovations don't make it, and they are removed from the shelves within a year. This not only results in significant financial losses for producers but is also far from sustainable. Bamboo Brands appealed to me because of its practical approach on the shop floor, where we conduct empirical research on these innovations. This allows companies to go through a more sustainable innovation process and avoid launching innovations with little chance of success."

What does your role involve about? Why does it suit you so well?

"At Bamboo Brands, I serve as a data analyst and research expert. All types of data, both quantitative and qualitative, land on my desk. What makes data so interesting is that it acts as a guide, telling us which ideas are worth exploring and which may not be. Identifying patterns, recognizing trends, and solving problems can all be done based on data. This ultimately leads to innovative solutions and new approaches.

I am also the one who creates research proposals and ultimately presents the results to our clients, translating that data into actionable insights. It's a very varied job with a focus on data, and that's exactly what makes it so interesting for me."

What do you hope and expect the future will bring?

"I look forward to providing even more customers with valuable and relevant insights into their innovation processes together with Bamboo Brands. My wish is that our approach in the FMCG industry stands out and creates an awareness that innovation can be different and certainly possible!"

We are delighted to welcome Bente to our team and hope to have her with us for a long time!

Working at Bamboo Brands

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