Impact innovation on foodwaste very high

01/06/2021 Sometimes you see slides that need no further explanation. This slide is a representation of the impact of food innovation...  Lees meer

Bamboo Brands HQ will move to new office this summer

20/05/2021 his summer we are moving in Den Bosch to a beautiful new location, the #Jamfabriek ( Den Bosch wants to become...  Lees meer

New vacancy: Management Trainee (32/40 hours)

09/04/2021 At Bamboo Brands in Den Bosch we try to make the lives of marketers at A-brand manufacturers more enjoyable by...  Lees meer

Bamboo Brands partner Distrifood Wheel of Retail 2021

25/03/2021 Bamboo Brands partner                    Distrifood Wheel of Retail 2021 Het is weer zover: de...  Lees meer

Press release: IRI Worldwide and Bamboo Brands B.V. start cooperation

25/02/2021 Press release: IRI Worldwide and Bamboo Brands B.V. start cooperation   Both companies are starting a collaboration to provide (inter) national A-brand...  Lees meer

Bamboo Brands sponsor HAS Food Experience

04/02/2021 Bamboo Brands sponsor van de HAS Food Experience Al geruime tijd organiseert de HAS de zogeheten Food Experience waarbij HAS studenten...  Lees meer

European retailers where, as Bamboo Brands, we have executed our in-store market assets:



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