New vacancy: Management Trainee (32/40 hours)

09/04/2021 At Bamboo Brands in Den Bosch we try to make the lives of marketers at A-brand manufacturers more enjoyable by...  Lees meer

Bamboo Brands partner Distrifood Wheel of Retail 2021

25/03/2021 Bamboo Brands partner                    Distrifood Wheel of Retail 2021 Het is weer zover: de...  Lees meer

Press release: IRI Worldwide and Bamboo Brands B.V. start cooperation

25/02/2021 Press release: IRI Worldwide and Bamboo Brands B.V. start cooperation   Both companies are starting a collaboration to provide (inter) national A-brand...  Lees meer

Bamboo Brands sponsor HAS Food Experience

04/02/2021 Bamboo Brands sponsor van de HAS Food Experience Al geruime tijd organiseert de HAS de zogeheten Food Experience waarbij HAS studenten...  Lees meer

Bamboo Brands meets Paris

18/10/2020 In-store market assessment France We are currently conducting a Discovery In-store market assessment and a Validation in-store market assessment in France...  Lees meer

New Team member Bamboo Brands: Doutsen Hoekstra

09/10/2020 New Team member Bamboo Brands:  Doutsen Hoekstra Doutsen Hoekstra will join the Bamboo Brands team in the role of International Project...  Lees meer

European retailers where, as Bamboo Brands, we have executed our in-store market assets:



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