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This is Bamboo Brands

What do we stand for

In 2019, our founder, Theo Toering, started Bamboo Brands. His mission: drastically change the way the FMCG industry innovates. In this way the failure rate of product innovations (currently still 80%!) goes down, FMCG manufacturers grow faster and we can combat food waste together. Located in the Jam Factory in Den Bosch, we are committed to making all of this possible. 

What do we do? 

Bamboo Brands helps FMCG brands make faster and better choices so that they can innovate successfully. How are we doing that? With in-store Discovery Assessments and Validation Assessments across Europe. We test innovations on the shelf, even before these products are on the market. Always based on consumer behavior (not on opinions). In addition, we teach FMCG professionals at the FMCG Academy how to apply lean marketing, for a more efficient and sustainable innovation process. 

What this brings our customers 

What does this yield? Reliable data, so that FMCG manufacturers can fully focus on innovations that are guaranteed to be successful. Thus realizing a higher process, a higher ROI, and less food waste. In this way, they can grow quickly and sustainably. 

Wie zijn wij?

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