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Bamboo Brands B.V started up early in 2019

Bamboo Brands B.V. started up early in 2019. Our team has years of experience in consumer marketing, and has developed a wide range of propositions based on this experience. Because market research is intended to reduce the risk and uncertainty associated with innovations, and is generally quite thoroughly carried out, we wondered why 80% of innovations were still going off the shelf within a year after being introduced. We felt that something wasn’t quite right about this. In our opinion, the biggest difference is in the type of research carried out, and the inability to link different variables that are important when it comes to making a purchase in the shop. At Bamboo Brands, we have fully developed empirical in-store research in order to help top brands grow faster and significantly improve the ROI for innovations.

Bamboo Brands is located in Den Bosch, and works for larger and smaller brands both in the Netherlands and throughout Europe. The logistics for the various countries are managed from our Den Bosch office. We also have a hub in Spain where our people are closely involved for the Southern European projects.

Our clients operate in the FMCG Retail and Out-of-Home sectors. We can supply references on request. To give you just a hint up front, our clients use the following terms to describe Bamboo Brands:

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If you would like to join our successful team, and believe that you can bring qualities that will help our clients to improve the speed and effectiveness of their innovations, please get in touch! We look forward to getting to know you over a cup of coffee.

European retailers where, as Bamboo Brands, we have executed our in-store market assets:


Bamboo Brands is active in the following EU countries:



Feel free to contact us. We’re available on Monday to Friday, from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, on +31 (0)73 208 0009 and info@bamboobrands.nl. If you have a query, you can also contact us through the contact form below. We will generally get back to you on the same working day.