Discover the possibilities of Shopper Journey research
28 maart 2023 
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Discover the possibilities of Shopper Journey research

Do you want to map out the Shopper Journey of consumers regarding an existing or new FMCG product? In-store market research can provide the right insights into each phase of the Shopper Journey.  

The Shopper Journey is the journey that consumers take before, during, and after purchasing a product. There are five phases: 

  1. Awareness: how do consumers become aware of your product? What are they sensitive to? 
  2. Consideration: how do consumers orient themselves? 
  3. Decision-making: what factors influence the choice for a product? 
  4. Usage: how and when is your product used? How do consumers rate sensory aspects such as texture, taste and odor? 
  5. Evaluation: how do consumers evaluate your product? Will they continue to repeatedly buy your product? 


How do you get a better understanding of the Shopper Journey? 

If you work in the FMCG industry, you are aware of how difficult it is to get answers to these questions. After all, there are countless factors that influence the consumer before, during, and after their store visit. In addition, you have little insight into consumer behavior, partly due to a lack of customer data.  

However, the right research methods will help you to get insight into consumer behavior and attitudes in every phase of the Shopper Journey. At Bamboo Brands we combine various research methods and tools. What’s so unique about our approach is that our research takes place in a real life environment, namely on the shop floor. This results in factual insights about consumer behavior. 

Our in-store research methods: 

Discovery Assessment: a qualitative in-store research where we question consumers on the shop floor. This provides insights into the Shopper Journey phases awareness, consideration and evaluation. 

In-Home User Assessment: an in-home test in which respondents are given a product sample (in-store) to try at home. They will share their experiences through an interview by phone. This results in insights into the usage and evaluation phase of the Shopper Journey. 

Validation Assessment: a quantitative in-store research in which we place your (minimal viable) product on the shop shelf for a certain number of weeks. This provides insight into the decision-making phase of the Shopper Journey. 

Full Concept Assessment: a combination of the 3 assessments mentioned above. This maps out the complete Shopper Journey.  

Want to know more? 

Do you want to know more about Shopper Journey research? Are you curious about how Bamboo Brands can help you with in-store research? Contact Chantal Risseeuw-Boer, our Client Development Consultant, at  

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