Concept Validation Assessment - Benelux Project

Concept Validation Assessment - Benelux Project

What a cool Benelux project this is: We are currently testing the shelf-worthiness of a large number of refrigerated products in the Netherlands and Belgium at the following retailers for 2 renowned A-brands:

  • AH
  • Jumbo
  • Plus
  • Carrefour Market
  • AD Delhaize

We manage the entire refrigerated logistics process ourselves, from customer to shelf. See photo: this is the back of our company...:). We test a total of 40 stores whether the products have enough potential for further investment. In this way we substantiate the business case for our client with facts and not with assumptions.

A good example of a project in which we can examine the innovations for shelf-worthiness in several countries at the same time.

Proud of the collaboration with this customer and the team to manage this all in the right direction.

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