Benefits Empirical Research Bamboo Brands
23 april 2020 
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Benefits Empirical Research Bamboo Brands

With Bamboo Brands, we help our FMCG customers to accelerate the innovation process and greatly improve commercial choices. We do this for both local and global brands and can do this in both NL and other EU countries.

We recently developed a model that provides the following benefits:

  • 75% savings NPD obsoletes
  • Commercial employees only launch guaranteed successful projects that generate growth in accordance with the business case
  • Significant contribution to your company's sustainability goals (demonstrable)
  • Effectiveness of marketing budget increases sharply (demonstrably)

Does this sound like a utopia? We like to take on the challenge to realize this for companies.

Are you or do you know an MD/CEO/CMO/Marketing Director or Management Team of a company who knows/knows that innovating within FMCG in the current way no longer fits this time and is open to change, then we would like to meet you/ that person/ that MT in conversation.

Send me a private message for further contact.

Giving the message a 'like' indirectly ensures that you contribute to making the innovation process more sustainable

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