Bamboo Brands start FMCG Academy
28 juli 2021 
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Bamboo Brands start FMCG Academy

As you probably know, we work hard every day to help our customers make better and faster innovation choices.

We do this as Bamboo Brands with our European test center for food innovation, where we can perform empirical assessments in supermarkets throughout Europe.

For example, we substantiate business cases with hard facts.

With the FMCG Academy, we are going to help the FMCG sector to innovate better and faster, because that is much needed.

The FMCG Academy aims to:

  • Innovate more successfully as a sector (by allowing innovation decision-makers to make better and faster choices)
  • Ensuring that commercial talent flows and stays in the industry (this is a big problem with manufacturers right now)
  • Innovation decision makers to give lean innovation tools how they can innovate better, faster and certainly more sustainably!

The Target Audience of the Academy:

  • Students with food education.
  • Food Startup & scale up owners with the intention to introduce a food concept in the FMCG sector
  • Marketers, Trade marketers and Sales managers at manufacturers (Senior Brand Managers level up to marketing managers level and account management up to Group Account Management/Business Unit responsible)
  • Leading supermarket owners looking for talent for their supermarket's senior management (including on-the-job assignments).

What to expect:

  • Congresses: think of food waste reduction, cost savings in the chain with interesting speakers
  • Year program with lectures and tutorials in which Lean Innovation and Business Model Canvas will be applied to the FMCG sector
  • Workshops

Ultimately, the FMCG Academy should grow into a beautiful and relevant network of FMCG game changers who will make THE difference in the coming years.

If you, as a company/person, think you can also play a role in improving the innovative strength in our FMCG sector, please contact us.

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