Bamboo Brands sponsor HAS Food Experience
04 februari 2021 
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Bamboo Brands sponsor HAS Food Experience

For quite some time now, HAS has been organizing the so-called Food Experience, where HAS students are offered a stage to show self-conceived and developed solutions for challenges in the food industry. This year the HAS Food Experience will take place from 1 to 5 March. In this online edition of the Has Food Experience, the 'tasting' of talent will be central, with the theme being 'Tasting Talents'.

Bamboo Brands - a company that provides in-store market assessments for food manufacturers by researching consumer behavior on the shop floor - has decided this year to sponsor this initiative. Doutsen Hoekstra (International Project Lead at Bamboo Brands B.V.): “Sponsoring the HAS Food Experience fits in very well with the collaboration we have in mind with HAS University of Applied Sciences: staying involved in the latest innovations in the field of food and of course a great opportunity to profile ourselves among the food talent of the future.”

“The students of HAS University of Applied Sciences have individual specific talents. They are trained at HAS to make an impact and determine tomorrow's food choices, in collaboration with companies from the sector. Partly because of this, we value partnerships with organizations such as Bamboo Brands”, says Linda Bonte (HAS University of Applied Sciences).

Bamboo Brands is looking forward to meeting the talented students and seeing their projects. We are also looking forward to gaining inspiration and exchanging knowledge and talent.

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