Bamboo Brands expert for Foodvalley Fertilizer Program
14 augustus 2020 
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Bamboo Brands expert for Foodvalley Fertilizer Program

You have a promising business in food or agri. Your product is already on the market and you have to pay customers. So far so good!

But you run into some problems;

  • You wear all the 'hats' in your business
  • You’re profitable... but have no cash
  • You have no entrepreneurial peer network to support you
  • You wish someone was there to hold you accountable
  • You want to grow as an entrepreneur and a leader and scale your business, but do not know where to start

Sounds familiar? The Foodvalley Business Fertilizer (before Foodvalley Accelerator) offers ambitious entrepreneurs the perfect growing environment for their company. During an intensive one-year program, we provide you with the tools you need, a peer group of fellow entrepreneurs, and a team of experienced trainers, coaches, and experts. It is time to face challenges and grow big!

Theo Toering (Bamboo Brands BV) is one of the experts in the Foodvalley Business Fertilizer program and is there to help the participants to grow to the next level of their company.

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