Bamboo Brands 4th anniversary: a recap
01 februari 2023 
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Bamboo Brands 4th anniversary: a recap

Bamboo Brands celebrates its 4th anniversary! Since February 2019, we have been helping FMCG producers with innovating better, faster and more sustainably. We will reflect on the biggest milestones we reached in the (short) history of our company.

How it all began…

In 2019, Theo had been working in the FMCG industry for over 15 years for companies such as FrieslandCampina, Bakker Bart and Intersnack. He was responsible for the introduction of Chio in the Netherlands, among others. Developing and launching innovations was one of the things he enjoyed most about his profession, but the fact that most innovation projects fail was frustrating to him. 

As many as 8 in 10 FMCG innovations fail, which is a waste of time, money, talent and food. To counter this, Theo developed a unique research method that allows companies to receive early insights into the potential of an innovation. 

After starting with an office in Amsterdam and moving to Den Bosch, Bamboo Brands found its home in De Jamfabriek, the headquarters of the Dutch food industry. 


Why Bamboo Brands?

Theo chose Bamboo Brands as the company name, because bamboo has many similarities to the service we provide to our clients (the ‘brands’). Bamboo grows quickly, and is innovative, sustainable and flexible. With our tools & methods, our clients can gain insight into consumer behavior quickly and flexibly and work towards sustainably growing their brand. 

Milestones 2019-2023

When we look back on the past few years, we can conclude that much has happened! For starters, our team grew to 11 colleagues that work with passion and enthusiasm for our clients. The team has conducted 100 in-store studies for many FMCG producers. In total, the research has saved FMCG producers €46.7 million. 

Also important are our worthful collaborations with our partners HAS green academy, JADS, Technical University Eindhoven, University of Amsterdam and our membership of Foodvalley.

Internally, we have also taken big steps in increasing our team spirit and teamwork in order to help our clients better than ever before.

Looking forward to the future

It’s great to see more and more FMCG companies and innovation teams make use of our methods & tools. This helps us look forward to making even more of an impact for the many amazing brands that operate in our industry!

More information

If you want to get to know Bamboo Brands better, this page has more information about us, our sustainable impact and our team. Contacting Theo Toering is also an option at / +31641741990


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