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Discovery - Qualitative research

Empirical In store market assessment

Qualitative research

Bamboo Brands is an expert in the area of in-store assessments in Europe. We can carry out both qualitative and quantitative tests in most European countries. In the Netherlands alone we’re able to perform testing in around 150 supermarkets. We also have good coverage in many other European countries, and we’re continuing to expand. The countries in which we currently operate include the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Italy, Ireland, England and Scandinavia.

We can substantiate the success rate of an innovation with empirical research and can even guarantee it. It becomes clear at an early point in the process whether it’s wise to continue with an innovation, or whether it’s better to focus on other innovations that are more likely to succeed.

The most important advantages of in-store market assessments:

  • It becomes clear early on in the process which innovations will succeed and which won’t.
  • The innovation process becomes more sustainable. No more obsoletes, since unsuccessful innovations will not be put on the market.
  • Working on leading brand innovations is enjoyable again! After all, any innovations put on the market will achieve your objectives and ensure brand growth.

Qualitative research looks at whether a concept product is headed in the right direction. By carrying out interviews near the relevant shelf on the shop floor, we can effectively interpret customer behaviour and translate our findings into concrete improvements. We also test the hypotheses that were drawn up for the research. The whole process takes around two and a half weeks, from the very start of the project to the final presentation of the research. This depends on the number of hypotheses and the number of shops.

European retailers where, as Bamboo Brands, we have executed our in-store market assets:


Bamboo Brands is active in the following EU countries:



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