Empirical Testcenter for Food Innovation across Europe


Looking to optimise the ROI for FMCG innovations AND reduce foodwaste?
We make it possible!

We all know this: innovations take a lot of time, and as many as 80% are doomed to failure. Naturally, this is extremely frustrating! How great would it be if you only had to concentrate on innovations that you knew would be a success? Bamboo Brands can help you with this. We carry out in-store market assessments throughout Europe to investigate consumer behaviour on the shop floor. This provides you with solid assumptions on which to base your business case. In fact, we even provide guarantees!


With our approach:


Establishes at an early stage which innovations will succeed and which won’t.


Ensures a more sustainable innovation process. No more obsoletes, since unsuccessful innovations will not be put on the market.


Puts the enjoyment back into working on leading brand innovations! After all, any innovations put on the market will achieve your objectives and ensure brand growth.

Have we inspired you? Feel free to contact us for more information. Our in-store assessments are tailored to suit your needs and differentiate between quantitative and qualitative research approaches. We’d be happy to personally explain how our unique services can help you.

Bamboo Brands is an expert in in-store market assessments in Europe, and we also have a network of franchise entrepreneurs throughout the continent. We also have our own in-house logistics (for dry groceries, chilled and even frozen products).


Carine van der Staaij – Marketing & Innovation Manager Friesland Campina

“We are very excited about the collaboration with Bamboo Brands; they are flexible, reliable and proactive...”

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Audrey Jackson-Pownall – Marketing Manager Friesland Campina

“Bamboo Brands did a great job in managing a complex project, were very flexible & did adapt to many changes & challenges that came our way and we could successfully run the test & get many valuable learnings...”

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Kristel Peters – Brand Manager Stegeman     

“We are satisfied with the insights from the research and appreciated the short lines of communication and the pleasant contact during the collaboration...”

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Richard Duplock – International Marketing & Innovation Manager Friesland Campina

“Thanks to the efforts by Bamboo Brands, we are able to use the real-life test data and now move into implementation and scale-up...”

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